Fresh produce, farm-to-loaf sourdough bread and heritage and ancient grains. All organic. All family farmed.


Our Story


We are Jacob and Courtney Cowgill. This is our farm. We believe in the power of food and the power of place and that's why we moved home to rural Central Montana -- to raise food, kiddos and sometimes, a little ruckus. (Well, not really. We're actually quite mild-mannered.) We grow ancient and heritage grains, sourdough bread from those grains and fresh produce -- all which come with a love and a taste of this incredible place.

Prairie Heritage Farm is an certified organic farm on the Fairfield Bench north of Great Falls. We specialize in fresh produce, ancient and heritage grains and farm-to-loaf sourdough breads (baked in our on-farm bakery, Blue Truck Bread).

Where to Find Us


We sell our wares at the Saturday Great Falls Farmers' Market June through September and you can find Blue Truck Bread year-round at Electric City Coffee and 2J's Fresh Market in Great Falls.

You can also stop by our farm store, open on Fridays during the summer from 2 to 6 p.m.

Address: 420 10th LN NE, Power, MT, 59468


“We come and go, the land is always here. And the people who love it and understand it are the people who own it — for a little while.”

— Willa Cather, O! Pioneers


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What We Grow




We grow heritage and ancient grains -- varieties that unlock forgotten tastes, carry important nutrition and hold valuable genetics. We sell our grains direct, either at the Great Falls Farmers' Market during the summer, by special order or nationwide via our Grainy Day Boxes -- a "grain-of-the-month" club that delivers grains right to your door each month.

Photo by Patrick Patterson.

Photo by Patrick Patterson.


Jacob's farm-grown, farm-ground, farm-baked sourdough bread is a favorite for our customers. The bread gets its hearty, nutty flavor from the Sonora Heritage Wheat we grow and it gets its distinctive tangy sourdough taste from what it pulls from the wild Montana skies. You can pick up a loaf at the Great Falls Farmers' Market during the summer or during the rest of the year by special order. Coming soon: bread shipped from the farm to your door. 

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We grow just about every vegetable that can handle the fickle Central Montana climate -- from early greens to fall onions. Everything we grow is certified organic, harvested fresh, and grown and handled with care. You can buy our veggies at the Great Falls Farmers' Market during the summer months, at one of the awesome grocers we work with or through our Community Supported Agriculture programs.



We grow a variety of locally adapted seeds, from lettuce to popcorn. You can find our seeds through the Triple Divide Organic Seed Coop, Fedco Seeds, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and High Mowing Seeds. We believe that care taking a vibrant, resilient seed supply is paramount to the viability and sustainability of our food future.


Merrily, we roll along. Join us!