True Fall

Turkeys pecking around under a tree.

Autumn has been gorgeous this year. Usually fall in Montana means two to three days of 60-70 degree sunny days, a hard freeze, all the leaves fall at once, and it's winter. This year, we've had a couple weeks of mild sunny weather, the leaves are changing slowly and drift to the ground when they're ready. This has made the fall farm tasks pretty darn pleasant. There is still much to do, but it looks as though we have at least another week of perfect autumn weather.

Dumping Sonora wheat from the combine to the truck.

There is still one grain crop to harvest, the turkeys still need to be taken care of, and there is plenty of clean up around the place. I'd also like to seed the high tunnel with winter rye and winter peas. But, I've gotten some clean up done and the garlic has been planted thanks to our friends Tim and Sarah.

Tim and Sarah planting garlic.

Tim and Sarah are shareholders in our Grain and Seed CSA. This is the second year that they have been out to plant garlic. While planting yesterday and talking about the season, we came up with a great idea for next year. Shareholders adopt a crop. For example, let's say as a shareholder, you adopt a broccoli crop. You play a role in seeding the broccoli seed in the greenhouse, in transplanting the seedlings into the field, in weeding the bed throughout the season, and in harvesting (and of course eating) the crop when it's ready.

The 2011 Prairie Heritage Farm Adopt-a-Crop program. What do you think, shareholders? By the way, the garlic has already been adopted.
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