Early Spring Greenhouse, Take 3

The chamber within the greenhouse.

Each spring it seems we reinvent everything. My lovely wife talks about what we did the past two years here, so I won't go into it. This year it seems our stop-gap solution is just as inelegant as the past two were, just in different ways. We have what you can conclusively call a "greenhouse", but of course it has no heat. So, in order to get our onions, leeks, and early lettuce on their way to the field, we had to come up with some way to heat the building. Since a little space heater won't do the trick, especially at night, yet since the space heater is all we have, we modified the space to fit the heat source.

But first, we had to assemble the structure:

Shoveling out a spot for the greenhouse.

Pa helping put up the greenhouse.

Willa and her skeptical eye.

Greenhouse walls are up.

Completed greenhouse.

Inside the greenhouse.

Back to the heat issue: I cut up foam panels (R-value of 3) to boxed off a little section of the greenhouse for the nighttime. Each day we have to take down the foam door and the foam ceiling to allow sunlight in (it is a greenhouse after all). We've already filled that space, so the next question is, will the weather shift to allow us to use the full greenhouse, or are we going to have to expand our little foam insulation haven?

Or a better question: when will we be able to buy a farm so we can build a proper greenhouse so that each spring we don't have to dream up some half-baked solution to the problem of not having a greenhouse with proper heat?


  1. It looks like you guys have come up with a great solution. And honestly, this is the fourth season for us on the farm we own, and we just this year solved the greenhouse space problem we have. . .but not (I don't think) the heat problem (though we're trialing something promising). I hate to tell you that this stuff never ends. . .but I don't know that it does. You guys are amazing, just keep it up!
    Also, love that skeptical eye. . .

  2. we're trying to figure out how to get around buying MORE shop lights for all our seedlings...
    it's frustrating when you know how things should work and how simple it would be with the proper infrastructure but it's just not a possibility at the moment!

  3. everyone's a skeptic these days


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