Feeding Family, Friends and Neighbors

On one of our farm brochures, it says Prairie Heritage Farm is about feeding "family, friends and neighbors." We really love that idea.

So, you can imagine this week that our hearts swelled a little when: 1) Willa ate her first meal grown by us (See token adorable picture of our baby above.) and

2) We got a check for a CSA from my dear childhood friend Brooke, who just this week decided to move back to Central Montana with her husband and two amazing kids (I don't mean to slight Tom, you're amazing too.)

Although every share means a great deal to us, when we get one from friends or family, it's like there's an extra vote of confidence that comes with it. When we get a signup from Jacob's parents, or when my Mom and grandma load up a bag at the farmers' market or when I make my Dad eat lettuce, or when I see my nephew pop a juicy red cherry tomato into his mouth, it's just a little sweeter, knowing we're growing healthy food for the people we love so much.

There are days -- mostly the cold, gray, dark ones we've had so many of recently -- when I'm not so sure why we chose to live or farm here (seriously, less than 80 frost-free days? Are we nuts?) but then I remember how rare it is to live someplace where you have both roots and wings -- where it's possible to have have a community that mingles family, childhood pals and new customers and friends too.

So, we'll wait for sunnier days, knowing we have friends and family counting on us. That might be enough to get me through another cold snap. Maybe.


  1. Courtney,
    We've just broken ground on our new farm (I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog) but I'm laughing right now because our first rule is "Feed Ourselves" our second, "Feed Our Friends" and our third is "Feed Our Community." I'm laughing because we can make it all so complicated when really, it's just so easy if we stick to those three rules.

    Nice to know someone else is out there, doing it, with the same mantra :)

    Keep warm. Spring is on it's way from my neck of the woods to yours...

  2. "or when I make my Dad eat lettuce" That cracked me up :-D. I enjoyed meeting your dad at the turkey slaughter last year. I was only 3 (significantly long) beats behind his sense of humor when he told me about the job app he had in at IHOP, when he was talking about his leg. Hardee har har :-D.

    Here's hoping we all make it through another cold snap.....I was sooo excited to wake up to bright sunshine this morning. I vote for it to stick around.

  3. Thanks Ladies! Christine, I can't wait to get your spring. Send it priority mail, would you?


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