Rye You Gotta Keep Talking About This?

Pre-mow rye (get it?).

I know, I know, I can't seem to stop talking about the rye in the high tunnel, but it's just too gorgeous not to. And besides, it's really the only thing growing right now. We can't work the field because it isn't dry enough, so I'm going to keep blabbing on and on about the rye until something else distracts me.

Mow rye (get it?).

I mowed down the remaining west half of the high tunnel. I'll rototill it in then plant more greens, hopefully tonight.

I'm in love with the rye.

Post-mow rye (nothing to get here).


  1. What? No pick up baseball game first? Can't run some chickens through before you til it under? Big sigh. I'd at least get one evening of beach chairs and barefeet in! :)

  2. Actually, Christine, see that mowed spot? That's where we're putting in the swimming pool and 9-hole golf course. What do you think?

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