Water Unclogged

Green, green, green.

On Sunday, after hauling my auction loot home (see here), Clyde was out at the farm to help me figure out the water conundrum. I hooked up the air compressor to the hydrant by the valve and very quickly, air backed up and leaked back out, which seemed to indicate a block and not a leak somewhere. Also, given how quickly the air back up, the block seemed to be very close to that hydrant. Before I go on, I have a bit more explaining of the water system to do.

As I said earlier, the water line comes down from the reservoir to a valve which controls the greenhouse hydrant after running through a loop in the quonset. But before the line gets to the valve, it branches off and a line goes to the brooder. For this, there is no valve or exposed pipe, so this line has water in it all year round. Now back to Sunday.

Since there was still no water to the greenhouse or high tunnel, we bought 350' of 3/4" black plastic pipe to run from the hydrant in the brooder (year round water, independent of the stupid loop in the quonset) to the hydrant by the high tunnel. We connected this line to the actual high tunnel hydrant, opened it up, turned on the brooder hydrant, and essentially back filled the pipe that is blocked. In this way, I was able to use the drip irrigation setup I had in the high tunnel. As much as I enjoyed the hand watering, I was glad to turn a couple of knobs and let the drip tape do its work.

The things we do and the expenses we incur.

Yesterday evening, in order to get the tractor into the garden, I had to turn off the hydrant in the brooder and disconnect the black plastic pipe from the high tunnel hydrant. When I peeked in the high tunnel, I noticed the water was still flowing, which indicates the line to the greenhouse and high tunnel appears to be unblocked and working again. Hallelujah.

Drip, drip, drip.


  1. Congrats and hooray for water!! (As long as it's not falling from the sky above Olympia. Who's ready for summer? THIS KID.)

  2. I had a small leak and neglected to fix it because I thought it was no big deal but ended up paying for it in the long run for the water damage fix, the plumber, and the new pipe. I should have just called a Calgary plumber as soon as the problem started.

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