High Tunnel Update

I may be the only one who cares, but who cares? I love what goes on in the high tunnel. So if only for me to spout off to myself on the wonders of the rye and peas in the high tunnel, here is an update:

The rye and peas in the back left-hand corner has been untouched since it was planted last fall. The rye and peas on the right-hand side near the back was mowed April 22nd and what you see is the regrowth since then. On the left-hand side foreground, the rye and peas were mowed May 8th. My plan for this section is to use it as a living mulch by mowing it once or twice more very close to the ground, and transplant tomatoes and peppers into it.

Here is a close-up of the three stages:

The peas are doing well within the rye:

They're even climbing the stalks:

And the rye is heading out:

Now who's as excited as I am?!!

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