Of Peas and Parks

The peas are fixing nitrogen.

Well, it's still too wet to plant anything outside. We're about a month behind at this point and I'm getting antsy. So, I'll just post another entry about the green goodness beneath the high tunnel. The rye is developing heads which are in the boot: forming in the leaf sheath, and the peas are fixing nitrogen.

Pink nodule where nitrogen-fixing bacteria live.

Meanwhile, even though there is plenty to do around the farm, like weeding the asparagus and strawberries, mucking out the turkey brooder, and cleaning up the potting shed, Willa and family went to the park where she told me to stop taking her picture.

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  1. It's an exercise in controlling panic and worry, this farming gig, isn't it? I'm sure you guys will catch up when the weather clears. But I am happy that your comment on my greenhouse post led to Matt's first ever blog comment in three years of loyal readership. It's a big day on the Boyles farm. . thanks!


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