It's going to have to be one of those blog posts: lots of pictures and very few words. Let's just say we've been busy lately.

First, events without photos:

Our friend Liz came for a visit. She helped weed the chard, kale, and cabbage. Much needed and much appreciated.

I expanded the turkey brooder to give them all more room to roam. They're getting big.

Planted the black chickpeas in the field.

Weeded, weeded, and weeded. Still more weeding to do.

Transplanted broccoli.

Seeded bush beans.

Got interviewed by the local paper. I hope we sound like we know what we're doing.

Feeling absolutely overwhelmed. Nothing new.

Now to the photos:

Volunteers transplanting lettuce - super-CSA members Phyllis, Dad, and Mom (not pictured).

Mowed rye and pea for living mulch.

Tomatoes transplanted into the mulch.

Cultivating between the rows of milk thistle and flint corn.

Row cropping.

The rows of flint corn.

Flint corn seedling.

Milk thistle seedling.

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