A Harrowing Experience

Yesterday evening, after dinner, I begged my lovely wife to allow me to head back out to the farm to harrow the emmer. The reason I have to beg and for her to allow, is that I am equal (well, maybe not quite) caretaker of our daughter and equal (well, maybe not quite) caretaker of our rental house in town. Usually evenings include a crazy whirlwind of sweeping the floor of dog hair and dirt clumps that will end up in our daughter's mouth, putting away toys, washing dishes, rocking said dog-hair-dirt-clump-eating daughter to sleep, and collapsing on the couch. It's a two person job. Or it's a one person job if the other person has had a day full of those activities and desperately needs a break.

Well, my lovely wife gave me the go-ahead so I went back out to the farm. Now, at this point I need to mention that my friend B was out earlier that day and we knocked out a bunch of work, so I was riding high on our accomplishments.

I should also mention that I was harrowing the emmer to pull up the tiny weeds growing amidst the crop. The harrow generally beats the hell out of the crop, but doesn't uproot it. The idea is to time it such that you harrow when the crop is well-rooted and the weeds are still quite small and pop out of the ground when the harrow's teeth drag over them. It scares me because it looks as though I've destroyed a perfectly good crop.

Un-harrowed emmer.

Harrowed emmer.

So, since I was riding high and feeling like no job was too large or too difficult, I got arrogant and I got lazy. I made one pass then took the corner too tight on the second pass and managed to run over one of the cables on the harrow causing it to ride up and over the wheel and to crumple up against the tractor.

I'm an idiot.

I immediately stopped and shut off the tractor, sure I'd hear the hissing of air escaping from the tire (just a $700 or $800 replacement). I was lucky. All the idiot move did was break the large pipe at the top of the harrow, which I was able to cobble back together with a chain.

The broken harrow.

Fixed with a chain.

I humbly finished the field and went home to a crying baby and an exhausted wife.


  1. The most I could do is fix the furniture. This is no easy feat, especially the crying baby at the end. A statue can easily be put up for you. Cheers, man!


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