A Puppet Showed up to the Festival


The business of farming, and in particular the business of being a greenhorn agriculturalist, is awfully tiring and can get discouraging with your head in the weeds day after day. Days like last weekend wash away the worry, the frustration, the questioning (why are we doing this?). Four of our good friends - Bryan, Genevieve, Kiki, and Sarah - paid a visit. On Saturday, we attended the first annual Timeless Festival at the Timeless Seeds cleaning facility in Ulm, near Great Falls. Lots of familiar faces were there. We ate food like pulled pork and Indian corn casserole, local beef hamburger and lentil burgers. We drank things like Jamaican lemonade, iced coffee, and organic pale ale.

In the evening, our Conrad rock star friends fired up the amps and got everybody on their feet dancing while a storm rolled in from the southwest. We all helped get all the music equipment into one of the large buildings before the deluge of rain. It passed and the band plugged back in and kept going.

Slim Cognito.

Then, just to top it off, a giant puppet showed up to the party.

That guy sure is tall.


On Sunday, back in Conrad, it was an appropriately slow start for the crew. But they had vowed to put in some work before they headed home, and work they did. We knocked out a couple rows of milk thistle and it made me very happy. I cannot fully express how their support, both physical and verbal, emboldens me, so I'll just leave it at that.

Weeding very long rows.

Baby on the back.

Some worked more than others.

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