Grasshoppers and Barley

I think the grasshoppers really like my barley trials. I have about a dozen different heritage barley varieties that I'm trialing and a couple of the varieties are either knocked over or the heads are completely missing. As I walk by them, a zillion grasshoppers take to the sky which is what gave me a clue. Grrrr.

Bent barley.

Eaten Barley.

The remains of a head of barley.

One variety was close enough to harvest, so I did so with scissors. The other variety getting annihilated is still really green so there is not much I can do.

Harvested heritage barley.


  1. The grasshoppers here ate our rhubarb leaves! Nearly decimated the entire plants. What eats rhubarb leaves?!

  2. Grasshoppers migrated from the alfalfa next door to my tomatoes and squash, front range northern Colorado. I got a head up by planting before the migration and had frogs and spiders on my side, but I see a big problem down the road. Any thoughts on steering the pests with great eyes elsewhere?

  3. Put the poultry on the field edges. That's what I'll try next year.


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