Frost? Really?

Squash got squashed.

Yes indeed, we had our first frost. Two nights ago it frosted slightly and just got the tips of some leaves. Last night, when they were calling for warmer nighttime temperatures than the previous night, it frosted again and took out our squash and tomatillos and outside tomatoes.


  1. Holy Moly, Jacob! Are you all getting any more cold weather or was this just freaky?

    We're hoping for rain--not flooding--and a break in our 90+ days.

    Sending you autumn wishes (no frost).

  2. :( Know that you're not alone! From Libby to Lincoln it was bad (and in Lincoln it is known as the annual Labor Day Frost). We had 27 the second night, which my rowcover wasn't able to keep out. I'm surprised it hit your farm, too. SIIIGHH.


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