The Days

Well, it's happened again. The blog got neglected while the farm work forged ahead. It's been well over a month, so here is another lame attempt at catching up our loyal followers:

The Prairie Farro (emmer) was harvested and delivered.

The Prairie Farro straw was baled.

The bales were picked and stacked with the help of our good friend Byron.

The insects did their work.

The tomatoes turned.

The heritage grain trials were harvested by hand.

The turkeys grazed.

The garlic was planted.

The chickpeas were swathed and harvested.

Oh yeah, and we rolled up the drip tape, dug all the potatoes and carrots, stored the onions, and generally slept well at night.


  1. The tomato pic is awesome! How did that happen?? :)

  2. Whew - I am tired just looking at all of that work. I wish you rest as the weather turns colder. Good to see that Byron was able to help. Maybe next year we should have a full UM reunion/work weekend...


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