Post-Thanksgiving Bliss

After traveling nearly 700 miles and delivering 1300 pounds of poultry, we here at Prairie Heritage Farm are thankful to be done, done, and done.

The awesome t-shirt designed by our friends Mandy and Cale.

And yes, it was one helluva mutha plucka.

Nate and Mandy doing their thing.

With the indispensable help of over a dozen intrepid friends, we spent the Saturday and Sunday before Thanksgiving butchering 98 turkeys and 9 geese. No surprise, the temperature went from the 30s and 40s the days before butchering to single digits above and below zero. It makes chilling the turkeys easy, but not wading elbow-deep in the chill tank to dig out a turkey for bagging. To those who helped, a hearty thank-you: Nate and Donna S., Nate M., Byron, Skander, Hannah, Caroline, Sam, Erin, Jill, Clyde, Julie, and Mandy. Skander captured some excellent photos and posted a great blog post about the weekend (warning - every step of the process is illustrated) here.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the Prairie Heritage Farm family hit the road with the birds, stopping in 4 cities, setting up at friends' houses, and delivering pasture-raised, organic turkeys to grateful people. This was the first year we were able to meet many of our customers, since we did the delivering ourselves.

We got home late Wednesday and I don't think we've fully recovered yet. It'll be a few months before the next batch of birds arrive in the mail and after we've long forgotten what a November on Prairie Heritage Farm is like.

Here is a good article about the turkeys we raise.

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  1. It was a pleasure helping out, and I am already recruiting others for next year. I cooked up one of your birds this weekend and it's an amazing difference you can taste! Thanks for the opportunity Courtney and Jacob.


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