A Threshing Bee and a Successful Prairie Farro Harvest

Little Miss Crusty Nose chews on a piece of straw.

Willa and I traveled southwest to catch the annual Choteau Threshing Bee. Besides a homesteader shack, a one-room school house, a blacksmith shop, and cool old tractors and combines, they thresh shocked wheat with an old belt-driven stationary thresher. In a weird way it makes me nostalgic for a time I didn't even exist in.


Speaking of threshing, we successfully harvested the Prairie Farro (emmer) with only slightly more modern equipment. It's in the truck now, just waiting to get cleaned.

Prairie Farro being swathed.

Prairie Farro being picked up with the combine.

CSA Appreciation Day and Recipes!

Saturday brought the most perfect fall day for our CSA Appreciation dinner.

We ate and talked and squawked at the geese and enjoyed the bounty of a summer well-spent.

Thanks to all of you who came and thanks to all of you who put your faith in us to grow your food and all of you who put the community in community supported agriculture.

Set up was, as were most other things, a family affair. (Man, our parents are awesome.)

And, Willa was a big help herself, looking all hillbilly and whatnot. This is what we call her Willabilly look.

And now, the recipes (click the name for each recipe):

Bronze barley with cucumber dill dressing (By Mark Bittman)
Prairie Farro (our brand of Emmer) salad with basil and tomatoes and zucchini (This was a slight variation on the Bluebird Grain Farm recipe the link goes to.)
Black chickpea salsa (Substituting black chickpeas for the black beans, of course and in the party dish, I used half tomatillos and half tomatoes.)
Lentil hummus (only I added about a 1/2 Tablespoon of cumin)
Cabbage crunch
And, the heritage turkey

Today! 2nd Annual CSA Appreciation Day!

We are so excited to see you this Saturday for our 2nd annual CSA Appreciation Day.

When: Saturday, September 10, 4:00 p.m.
What: Farm tour, music, delicious all-local food. Picnic-style dinner served shortly 4 p.m. Bring picnic chairs and/or blankets and a hearty appetite.
Where:  (click here for the map) 165 Sunrise Lane: (From Conrad): Turn west on 4th Ave (at the only stoplight in Conrad), travel about 1.5 miles, then turn RIGHT onto HILLSIDE Lane. Travel another 1.5-or-so miles, past a dead end sign, and you'll see the greenhouse and the hoop house on the left. Turn LEFT onto SUNRISE Lane and look for us.

The menu will include:
Prairie Farro (Emmer) salad with tomatoes, basil and zucchini
Bronze Barley with cucumber dill dressing
Lentil hummus
Roasted heritage turkey
Black chickpea salsa
Jacob's whole wheat sourdough farmer bread

Hope to see you there!

Your Farmers,
Jacob, Courtney and Willa Cowgill

Frost? Really?

Squash got squashed.

Yes indeed, we had our first frost. Two nights ago it frosted slightly and just got the tips of some leaves. Last night, when they were calling for warmer nighttime temperatures than the previous night, it frosted again and took out our squash and tomatillos and outside tomatoes.
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