The 2011 Season (Year 3 of ?)

The way the farm season felt sometimes.

I'll start this with the obligatory acknowledgment of it being that time again to reminisce about the past year's farm season. It's that time again.

Our winter months were dominated by our little girl, as we navigated the new terrain of parenthood. When I have a moment to reflect, it's remarkable to me that we somehow know how to take care of a baby, with no prior experience. I suppose it's a lot like our farming adventure. We've done our fair share of research, but so much of what we do, we do without a clue. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. We're raising plants and a kid, but in farming, the season is less than 12 months, then you get to start all over the next year and correct your mistakes. For our child, the season is a lifetime.

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