Farm-grown, farm-ground, farm-baked sourdough bread made from organic Sonora Heritage Wheat and a whole lot of love. You could say it's both made in Montana and made of Montana.

You can pick up a loaf of sourdough Blue Truck Bread at the Great Falls Farmers' Market every Saturday from June through September (get there early, it goes fast!), but if we're in the off-season, you can sign up to get email alerts about the baking schedule and where and when you can pick up a loaf.

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We believe in the “taste of place” and to us, Central Montana tastes like a crusty, nutty, hearty loaf of sourdough bread.

This bread is both simple and beautiful, made from flour (organic Sonora Heritage Wheat we grow, as well as some organic flour from Montana Flour and Grain), water, salt and sourdough starter that pulls leavening from the wild Montana skies. You could say it's "Made of Montana."

Jacob grew up on good bread baked by his Dad, so when he started growing grain, it was a natural that he bake some of what he grew. The bread built up a following each year and in 2016, it grew into its own thing and Blue Truck Bread was born. The name comes from Jacob's "new" 1963 Chevy pick up truck, a Father's Day gift from his wife, kids and parents.


Right now, Jacob focuses on four “flavors,” which are all made from the foundation recipe of hearty sourdough but also have some embellishments, if you will:

Papa Bread Sourdough: Our foundation sourdough, named by our 3-year-old, who yells “Papa Bread” from the top of the stairs when he wakes up.

Rosemary Olive Sourdough: Sourdough with rosemary and black olives mixed in. This makes the most amazing grilled cheese you’ll ever sink your teeth into.

Seedy Sourdough: The sunflower seeds and flax seeds make this hearty bread even heartier. Great toasted with cream cheese and jam or lox.

Honey Sandwich Sourdough: Made with Smoot Honey Co. honey, this will make your peanut butter and jelly something special. (Smoot Honey is a family operation run by friends and neighbors up the road in Power so you could call this a Power loaf.)

Why Heritage & Ancient Grains?

We grow and bake with heritage and ancient grains because we believe they unlock forgotten tastes, carry important nutrition and hold valuable genetics. More about our grains here.

About Sonora Heritage Wheat

The wheat we use in our breads is our own Sonora Heritage Wheat, a heritage spring wheat. The earliest records of Sonora wheat come from the mountain plains of Sonora, Mexico in the 1700s, but likely predates that. Sonora wheat was among the most disease and drought resistant varieties in the new world. In our changing climate, a wheat with those characteristics is most welcome. Slow Food USA has put Sonora wheat on its Ark of Taste.