We grow just about every vegetable the Central Montana climate will allow, all of them certified organic. You can find our produce at the Great Falls Farmers' Market and in select grocery stores in the Golden Triangle.

August offerings.

August offerings.


There are three ways you can get in on our local, fresh, organic goodness.

1. Find us at the Great Falls Farmers' Market.

We are at the Great Falls Farmers' Market every Saturday June through September. In the early season, you'll find us with treats like tender greens and cold-hardy roots. By July and August, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil and zukes and cukes come on. Fall brings winter squash, onions, potatoes and garlic.


2. Become a 'Shareholder' in the farm with a CSA.

In a CSA, you become a "shareholder" in the farm, buying in before the season, then reaping the rewards throughout the summer as you pick up your "share" of fresh veggies. 

We’ve switched up how we do the CSA to offer more convenience and flexibility by offering a Farmers’ Market Share.

NOTE: Stay tuned for a new way of buying into the CSA. We will have a new sign up system for the 2018 season up and ready by December.

The way it works is, you buy a share at $100 or $200 and get to spend that any way you'd like at our Great Falls Farmers’ Market stand throughout the summer from June through September. We'll have vegetables, of course, but also whole grains, fresh flour, vegetable seeds, whole-wheat sourdough bread, and whatever else we might dream up between now and then. 

By signing up now, you get an additional 10%. So, if you buy in at $100, you'll get an additional $10 and at $200, you'll get an extra $20. 

Why become a member of the farm? It means: 

  • Eating healthy and in season;
  • Knowing where your food comes from;
  • Supporting local farmers; 
  • Being part of reviving a sustainable, local food system.

3. Find our veggies at a local grocer or restaurant.

We work with several local businesses who occasionally feature what we grow in their produce cases or on their menus. Look for our veggies at:

And if you know of a local business (or are a local business) interested in using our farm goodness, get in touch!